“You went too far!”: the risqué size that Repenning launched on William and Kate that sparked laughter in Your Day

In his early days in Channel 13José Luis Repenning is in the United Kingdom covering the process after the death of Queen Isabal II in the United Kingdom.

During the morning, from London, he made a series of dispatches for the morning Your dayin which he updated his colleagues on the latest developments and interviewed some British citizens.

At one point, he was encouraged to analyze the relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton, at least how they appear in public; and even he compared it to the marriage between Meghan Markle and Harry, who left Windsor Castle hand in hand.

“He tells me that in general they are very affectionate and emotional, and that it is definitely normal to see them walk hand in hand,” he said of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Instead, he said that Harry and Kate are not usually very affectionate, with few exceptions such as “when they got married, when he approached him when he was showing the guagüita, but not much else.”

Given that, he launched on his three offspring: “One comes to wonder: Well, how will the buses do?”

While Ángeles Araya laughed heartily; meanwhile, Mirna Schindler exclaimed: “Oh! You overdid it!”

“Kate assumes her role once she marries an heir to the Crown, that is, she has done everything perfectly,” he concluded. “She assumes a role.”

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