“You mess up…”: Helia Molina’s question that complicated Matías Oviedo in La Divina Comida

This Saturday a new chapter of The Divine Food with Matías Oviedo, Helia Molina, Mónica Illanes and Jorge Gajardo as guests.

The first to open the doors of his house to diners was the actor from Hidden Truths. While they enjoyed the dishes that Matías prepared, they talked about their time in some national television series and especially the Mega melodrama that lasted 5 years.

It was then that Helia Molina asked the actor a question to the bone that complicated it. “And there was romance between the actors?” Launched the former minister.

“Yes, I was having a chat with one of the protagonists… you mess up, Helia,” replied Matías.

The doctor then reacted immediately. “Okay, then let’s change the subject, please”, Helia requested.

The Divine Food (CHV)
The Divine Food (CHV)

And he raised his glass to make a toast to Matías, while the actor laughed, humorously taking the question from the former Minister of Health. Of course, he did not want to delve further into the subject.

It should be remembered that Matías had a relationship with his partner in the TV series, Camila Hirane. However, both ended their romance and the actor is currently a father with his new partner, while the actress has been linked to her other melodrama partner, Ricardo Fernández.

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