“You marked a legacy”: Rodrigo Sepúlveda made an emotional tribute to Eduardo Bonvallet seven years after his death

On the morning of this Sunday, September 18, the journalist Rodrigo Sepulveda paid a heartfelt tribute to Eduardo Bonvallet seven years after his death.

the driver of Meganews Alert he took a moment to talk about his admiration for the late sportscaster.

“Today is September 18 and for me it has a special meaning. I know that for many people too, who love him, admire him, remember him and listen to him hard for a long time (…) Today we remember him, it’s 7 years since his departure, “he said to start Sepu.

Along the same lines, he added that “I have respect, affection, admiration and eternal gratitude for him, Eduardo Bonvallet.”

“Every September 18 I humbly try to remember him, so that his image will always last. A guy who personally helped me a lot, without knowing me, pushed me in the media,” the journalist continued.

Likewise, Sepu took the opportunity to send a hug to the Bonvallet family.

“Your videos and your comments to this day are ultra reproduced, and that is because you marked a legacy where things have to be said by name. Things have to be said with the corresponding harshness, regardless of whether it hits someone, ”said the driver in his tribute.

The journalist also recalled the complicated moments that the commentator experienced, “where the radio was lowered due to pressure from leaders.”

“A man who came to change the way things are done in the media. He dared to hit when many were silent, he dared to speak out and confront power when they were very silent, and here is Bonvallet”, added Sepu.

“He always wanted to be world champion and the players of this winning generation remember him (…) Many people’s mentality changed, and the understanding that things can be done,” the journalist concluded.

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