“You know how much I love you”: Ignacia Michelson surprised by sharing a romantic postcard with Marcianeke

Ignacia Michelson surprised her followers by sharing a romantic postcard with Marcianeke in which they kiss.

Sitting together, with the Playboy girl taking her face and kissing, the lovebirds uploaded the particular photo to both networks that hinted that there is something more than a romance between them.

“You know how much I love you. I already want this Temon to come out. Do you expect it?”, the DJ wrote next to the postcard.

While the urban singer told him about red hearts with a striking message.

“As long as we know what’s going on, the rest that matters a little, hehehe, it’s not long before we go out”, replied the voice of “Tell me Ma”.

Her followers quickly filled Michelson’s post with likes and comments, praising the lovebirds.

“They look beautiful”, “That my children”, “I love”, “Maximum madness”, “I love them”, “The couple that nobody expected but was needed”, were some of the messages they received.

For his part, the singer shared other postcards with the Playboy girl a few hours earlier, announcing that they would soon reveal the release date of their new song.

Michelson’s romance with Marcianeke has been rumored for several weeks. Some time ago, the young woman gave details of how her relationship with the artist was.

Cataloging as “open, modern and relaxed”, the DJ explained that they were “getting to know each other”. “We get along amazing, but it’s still difficult. We are just seeing what’s up, ”she assured.

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