“You have to show them off successfully…”: Lisandra Silva drew applause with a special message after referring to the brands after her two pregnancies

The former reality girl, Lisandra Silva resolved various doubts from her followers about motherhood, how she faced her second pregnancy and how her life changed with the arrival of her second baby, her daughter Leiah.

Through her Instagram stories, the influencer answered a series of questions from users where they asked her about the marks she suffered with her second pregnancy.

“Did you have stretch marks on your guatita after this pregnancy?” A user wrote to him, to which he responded directly.

“Here they ask me if I have stretch marks left and the truth is that yes, Leiah left me with a lot of stretch marks on my tummy but, my love, you have to show them off successfully and with great pride because a human being came out of that, my life,” he said, taking out applause.

The hard

Another user asked her what motherhood has cost her the most now that she has two children, Noah and Leiah.

“Uy, what has cost me the most? that Noah accepts Leiah, that he does not fish her, ”she revealed since her son is older than the baby, also referring to whether she will soon show her face.

“The truth is that I have shown her since day one but I have not shown her face and I don’t think I will soon because I feel I don’t need it. So no, ”she added, firm in her decision and later sharing a photo of her partner, Raúl Peralta with the little girl.

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