“You have to be hard-headed to leave Osorio out”: the sentence of a historic U

The classic lost by the U continues to be analyzed. Some decisions of Diego Lopez they continue to be questioned, while the club appears in the standings just one point from the relegation zone.

In that line, Miguel Angel Gamboa talked with AS Chilewhere he talked about the game, the Uruguayan’s approach, how much he likes Lucas Asadi and also on the administration of Blue blue.

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– What did you think of the classic?

– Something normal with what is happening in the U. It is very difficult for him to generate goal situations and he has not been playing well for a long time. There was no surprise regarding the prediction of the result. La Católica is a better team, it has a base of many years, therefore the result did not surprise me.

– Was Diego López wrong in the initial approach?

– You have to be somewhat hard-headed not to put the player who at a given moment can unbalance a game or score a goal for a genius. One of the most unbalanced players that the U has is Osorio. There is no other that does what he does, that at a given moment can pass one or two players and take a shot 30 meters or face and take players at speed. They are naming him as a great talent in Chilean soccer for a reason.

– That is, he sees the technician’s responsibilities.

– You have to be hard-headed to leave him out. He is going to throw all the people at him, all the people from the U and all of Chile, as it happened. Had to put it in. I think he was completely wrong in not putting Osorio.

– What should be done with the trainer, change it or keep it?

– The U has changed I don’t know how many technicians in the last time and with few results. One has to be convinced that the squad is not the good one, because it cannot be that all the technicians are bad, relatively bad or have no idea. Go through the campus. I think the U will come out stronger.

– In that way?

– I get the impression. I saw some improvement in the mental aspect of the players. Some had better individual returns than previous weeks. There are others who lack maturity, a product of age.

– Who did you like?

– Lucas Assadi. I really liked what he did, although he has a shortcoming in terms of shooting on goal. He practically doesn’t convert, he’s not that good of a finisher. He lacks that, although he can be improved by scoring a goal and gaining confidence. But he has conditions and is unbalanced. I like it.

– What is your evaluation of Azul Azul?

– In many companies nobody knows who the owners are. Things are like this now. It is known who manages them, but not the owners. In many companies this happens, but in football we are not used to it. The presidents, before, did not travel to all the parties either, but the surprising thing is that the owners are not there, but the law allows it. What worries me is the bad investment. They have made the team worse, they have been regressing in the football field.

– By bad investment, do you mean any reinforcement in particular?

– I’m not going to tell you that because it would be speaking against some players and they are not to blame, those who brought them, the businessmen who manage them, have it. There are players who play under the skirts of the representatives and do not have the conditions to play in the u. And it cannot be that an observer from the U does not realize that there are players who are not for the club.

– Your opinion of Michael Clark?

– He is a character that no one knows him in the football field. In the world of football you don’t get anything out of bringing the best engineer in the world to lead the team if he doesn’t know football.

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