“You defend the indefensible…”: the tense intersection of Sergi Arola and Yann Yvin in El Discípulo del Chef

A tense situation occurred in this Thursday’s chapter of El Discípulo del Chef, which had as protagonists, for a change, Sergio Arola and Yann Yvin.

Everything arose in the middle of the evaluation that the Frenchman chef made to one of the preparations of the red team.

Specifically, the controversy broke out after the team led by the Spaniard presented a Chicken pot pie, which did not convince Yann. In fact, the latter kept nothing to himself and made his acid opinion known immediately.

“It tastes good. This type of dish is very difficult to cook. The bottom dough is raw, but the filling is tasty. A mass above and you had it, ”she launched her entrance, without mincing words.

However, Sergi did not sit idly by in the face of criticism and responded in one. “To make a foot it has to be closed. You can say what you want, so only if you wear a cap, if you don’t put that on it, it’s not a foot, “he defended himself.

“I tell you that if you only put the lid on it, it is not a foot. One foot has to be closed, ”she added.

Of course, Yann was not satisfied with the clarification and insisted on his point. “He is not cooked at all. Sergi, you are the king of reinterpretation… you defend the indefensible. You’re talking about a foot… ”, he replied to his colleague.

After cardboard, and after seeing that at any moment the chefs grabbed the wicks, Karen Bejarano decided to intervene. “Don’t fight!” She told them to stop the argument.

“There is a bad foot here, it is not my opinion, it is what it is”, Yvin finally closed before continuing with the evaluations.

Later, already in the interviews that were carried out outside the kitchen, Arola put cold cloths on the controversy.

“Yann is a person who knows the participants, he is a professional who has a track record that supports him to carry out his work in this instance. We can agree on things or not, ”he clarified.

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