“You are not going to stick your finger in there, or the interview is over”: Francisco Huaiquipán breaks the silence with a tense talk on TV

On August 30, this Tuesday, August 30, the oral trial was held against Francisco Huaiquipán, who risked a 10-year prison sentence for the crime of drug trafficking.

It should be remembered that, on September 4, 2021, the former footballer was surprised attempting to enter illicit items and phones inside the Colina 1 Penitentiary Compliance Center.

On that occasion, the “Huaiqui” tried to pass the Gendarmerie control carrying 38 mobile phones, in addition to cocaine and base paste.

During the formalization hearingJudge Lilian Sáez explained that “the accused Francisco Huaiquipán Castillo appeared at the Colina I parcel and review sector” aboard a truck.

The objective -explained the persecutor- was “to bring 19 sacks of cement and different construction materials to tower 3 B (where her son is for the crime of homicide). When the Gendarmerie personnel reviewed the truck’s cargo, they realized that eight 281.5-gram cannabis wrappers were hidden inside the cement bags, one 8.94-gram container wrapper of cocaine hydrochloride , a wrapper containing 2.83 grams of ketamine, in addition to 38 cell phones.

However, his previous good conduct and acknowledgment of the imputed crimes allowed him to regain his freedom. Thus, since last week, the former Colo Colo player is serving a sentence of 3 years and 1 day of probation, subject to Gendarmerie controls.

Huaiquipan breaks the silence

In interview with 24 hoursHuaiquipán acknowledged that “I have been well and I have had a real change, so I am happy, after a year of being in night confinement, with my little problem, but today I am free.”

Asked about the crime he is accused of, the former soccer player recalled that “I was working that day. That day the truck was already loaded with materials. It is a truck of my brother-in-law, of my family. I got on the truck without having any idea what I was carrying, those things were found, there was a lot of bad talk, I assumed, I took responsibility for something that wasn’t mine and that’s it. It was”.

It was in this context that the journalist Camilo Zavala insisted with a new question: “So where did they come from (drugs and cell phones)?”

“I don’t know, poh. That’s why I’m telling you. There you are coming to something that we talked about personally and that was not like that, because you are not going to stick your finger in it. I got on, it was over and it was. Or the interview is over, brother. Decide, poh. You are putting your finger on the sore where I am not going to tell you anything, ”the interviewee clarified, at the most tense moment of the dialogue.

Finally, Huaiquipán told the communicator that “I am speaking to you from the heart. I am grateful for the people who are helping me, that is what happened; I got on, maybe I didn’t have to get on and that’s it. I don’t know where things come from and I’m free for a reason.”

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