Yazmín Vásquez advances “unfiltered” romp in “Textual Game”: she will be one of the panelists

There is less and less left for the debut on Channel 13 of “Juego Textual”, the revamped version of the well-remembered “Acoso textual” according to current times, and which will be hosted again by Sergio Lagos.

And in this context, the former sign of the “little angel” has gradually been confirming the panelists of the heated conversation space.

For example, it has now been confirmed that Yazmín Vásquez will be one of the eight women who will say they are present on the program, and that in each chapter they will talk about various topics with a guest.

“I am more than excited because I was a fan of the first version. I always wanted to be on that program, I looked at the panelists and found it too entertaining, a women’s program… and that they have invited me now is how delicious, how entertaining!”, advances the 48-year-old journalist.

And along the same lines, he adds: “I love opinion and interview programs, and I feel that on television we need to laugh a little, which is what we will do in this program as well. In addition, we are going to be eight very different women, each in her own style, and I love the idea of ​​being with Sergio Lagos, because I find that there is no one more empathetic, natural and cool on television.

In that sense, the former figure of spaces such as “Pollo en conserva” and “Milf” says that her arrival on “Juego textual” “wherever you look at it, the program is super attractive and I am in my element. And to everything is added that it is prime, so one is freer to play and you can say things that you can’t during minors’ hours.

In addition, Yazmín put on an avocado sandwich and filters some chips about what viewers will be able to see on screen.

“I don’t know what kind of conversationalist I am, but I’m super natural and I don’t have much of a filter. Maybe that’s why they called me. I think I’m going to ask what some don’t dare to do and I’m going to do what others won’t dare to do either, because of a personality thing. I am a grenade without insurance, so that is where we are going to be playing, ”she warns.

Of course, he clarifies that “one thing is to be without a filter and another is to be aggressive. The idea here is to be playful, as the name of the show says.”

On the other hand, Yazmín also confesses how important it is for her to join Channel 13 and do a project on that station.

“I am anxious, nervous and expectant. And although I am used to working on television, working on Channel 13 has its weight because I come from a channel that was much smaller, and now there is more responsibility because many more people are going to see me. That’s why I have to do it right. It’s my debut on the channel’s screen and… I’m on fire to be part of 13! I’m already at the Viña Festival (laughs), I see myself in the second row applauding, ”she jokes.

In addition, Vásquez also took a minute to analyze his return to the small screen. Around the fact that this project means his return to the small screen. “I didn’t get to miss television, because I’ve been to several programs. Now, I did manage to miss everyday life, because I worked on a super entertaining program that was like a gathering of friends (‘Milf’), which will probably be repeated here a bit, but I have a life that I decided, which It was my decision,” he says.

Yazmín’s life outside of TV

Finally, Vásquez told that at the end of 2021 she went to live in the south and there she became a hotel businesswoman.

“I permanently moved to Villarrica last December and this program has been a small sacrifice because I have to travel, but it is 100% worth it. At first I questioned it, because I thought I had already changed my life, I made my whole family go south with me. However, everyone told me to do it, my husband, my parents and my children, because they knew what I like and they offered to help me, so with everyone’s approval and help, I just came, ” confess.

“I became a southerner, I have a hotel in Pucón and another between Villarrica and Pucón (mawunhotel.com). And I am also learning that facet, it is something new for me, I had not experienced any of that, the closest I had been in a hotel was as a guest… but I am happy because I am going to be able to unite the two things, which is what I am doing in the south and this program that fascinates me”, he concluded.

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