Xbox begins testing changes to its interface for 2023

From the page of Xbox Insiders have announced that a certain user group of userYou can already try the new interface that Xbox Home will have, which will be officially implemented in 2023.

As announced by Microsoft through a statement, this new interface will create a more personalized experience for players on the home screen, addressing some of the most recurring requests among users.

“We are starting a series of multi-month experiments to learn how to create a more personalized home screen experience and address some of the major trends and requests from fans.” mentioned about it.

Among the newsthere is a new row of “Skip back”, which allows access to recent games and applications, easier access to the store, search, My games, settings and applications. And when scrolling down players will have recommendations based on their preferences.

As highlighted by Microsoft, with this, the recommendations seek to get the most out of Xbox Game Pass, based on the games that the user has played.

“We want to make sure this experience is the best it can be, and we know that getting it right will take some time, so we’ll be rolling it out slowly and iterating through the process. With your input, we look forward to launching this new and better Home experience in 2023. Please share your feedback and be patient as we add, remove, and change features to optimize the experience.”

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