WWE NXT: The Velveteen Dream was out of action for a while for using cocaine

As reported in his official account Twitter journalist Sean Ross Sapp, The Velveteen Dream was suspended “in silence” for having used cocaine when he was in WWE NXT. In addition, the fighter revealed that there would be even more talents who consumed that substance while working for the company.

As is already well known, Patrick Clark, Dream’s real name, was fired from WWE in 2020 after some racy conversations he had on social networks with minors were made public, including nude photos of him. Secondly, Dream would have had a bad behavior in the locker roomso it would be another cause of his departure.

Recently, Clark reactivated his account Instagram and tried to trend a possible return to WWE. However, the fighter was arrested for possession of illicit substances and for destruction of evidence which led to his arrest.

The Velveteen Dream would have been suspended from WWE NXT for using cocaine, according to Sapp. But this would have been camouflaged with a suspected back injury of talent, to leave it off the cameras for an indefinite period. Dream also assured that several fighters consumed the substance.

EC3 it would be one of these competitors that Dream commented on. In an Instagram live broadcast, Clark replied to EC3 about the statements he had about alleged harassment by Dream in the locker room, when I wanted to film them urinating or while changing.

Dream told EC3 not to “spare the details” or “leave them out”. that your intention “it was never record them”. But she asked him what it was. “that white powder on the table”. And furthermore, he asserted that “a fighter who no longer works for WWE and a current talent of Monday Night RAWthey were also consuming”.

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