WWE: Aleister Black could return to WWE

Dave Meltzer Y Bryan Alvarez debated on the subject Malakai Black and his departure from All Elite Wrestling in Wrestling Observer Radio and reported that Black would be looking to negotiate with WWE for a possible return to the company after a year and a half of his departure.

“Black stated that he wanted out of AEW. Obviously, he wanted to return to WWE And he had a lot of time left on his contract. I think he had four and a half years left. It’s an interesting thing because it’s really hard keep someone unhappy down during that time. The reason they are signed so extensively is so they can’t leave the next day if they are not happy or if someone bids on another site. He signed for five years, for a large amount of money, so that if at any point WWE wanted him back, they had him and could hire him for all those years. So it becomes an interesting situation and the same goes the other way as well.”

Meltzer pointed out that Black hasn’t had as much relevance in AEW because he has been dealing with an injury: “He had a push being injured, which fIt was part of the problem to claim your exit. I think he had a bad back and that’s why he wasn’t used as much. They put him in a threesome so his teammates, Brody King and Buddy Matthews, could handle the job better.”

“I guess we have to wait for the issue to develop and see what the situation is on both sides. Tony Khan he didn’t want to talk about it. She talked a lot, but didn’t say anything specific about the deal. Originally it was a conditional release but now I don’t really know. That would mean that he probably can’t go directly to WWE. Maybe there is a time frame or something. I don’t think I would agree if the term was four and a half years,” Meltzer said.

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