With flag and national anthem: national team and former UC player joins celebrations for the triumph of Rejection

With practically 22 percentage points of difference, which was a real surprise for many, this Sunday Chile decided that it does not want a new Constitution. Rejection triumphed in a historic vote, with more than 13 million votes, and consequently, many celebrated.

In the world of soccer, Mauricio Pinilla quickly drew attention. The former striker, who had whitewashed his decision some time ago, when he was involved in a strong controversy over the possession of weapons, limited himself to posting the national flag on his Instagram account.

And another who joined, in a very similar way, was the former defender of the Catholic University, today at Palmeiras, Benjamín Kuscevic, who also celebrated on social networks.

Specifically, the 26-year-old player uploaded a story to his Instagram, in which, like “Pinigol”, he chose to leave the national flag waving, accompanied by five emojis of a face with eyes turned into hearts.

To leave no room for doubt, he also left the national anthem in the background.

Kuscevic, let us remember, is part of the Verdaowhich today is first in the Brazilian competition, over Vidal and Pulgar’s Flamengo, and is also in the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores.

Check out his post here:

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