Why Sergio Jadue has not yet been sentenced in the United States?: the explanations to the present of the former president of the ANFP who continues to escape from the sentence

Ken Bensinger He is surely one of the people who knows the most about FIFAGate, the biggest corruption scandal in world football. He has been researching it for years and reporting on its development. He has done it in the media for which he has worked and on his Twitter account, a must-see space every time something related to the case happens in the United States courts.. His book Red Card summarizes, in fact, the chronology of situations that ended up becoming the most rebellious stain for football on a planetary level, to the point that justice has not yet determined the sentences for those responsible.

One of the protagonists is the Chilean Sergio Jadue. The former president of the ANFP breathes a little calmer. His defense managed to postpone the reading of his sentence for the 14th time. Now we will have to wait until April 2023 to find out what the future holds for Calerano. During that time, new antecedents for investigation may emerge. Bensinger analyzes the situation and tries to interpret the new judicial determination.

Why has Jadue’s sentence taken so long?

As I have understood for years now, they have both Jadue as (Alexander) Burzaco, (Jeffrey) Webb and (Rafael) Esquivel, among others, waiting until the trials are concluded, because they want them as possible witnesses. And if they receive their sentences and return to their respective countries, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for them to return to New York to testify

Is the delay in sentencing Jadue associated with the inability of the United States to extradite the Jinkis, Mariano and Hugo?

I don’t understand. What does the extradition of the Jinkis have to do with it?

Sergio Jadue
Sergio Jadue, at the time he headed the ANFP.

The information that his circle handles is that Jadue is directly related to the legal situation of the Jinkis. And since they cannot be taken to the United States, it is more useful for US justice to extend Jadue’s stay in that country, under the current conditions, as a collaborator.

It may be that Jadue is an important witness for the Jinkis, but it would seem to me that Burzaco would be much more important in this matter and if not him, then Esquivel and (Luis) Bedoya. Still, the Jinkis are never going to submit to American justice. They have looked for ways to negotiate, but insist that they will never go to jail. And prosecutors refuse to make such a promise.

Do you think Jadue will finally go to jail?

No idea.

Is the crime you are charged with punishable by that penalty?

It is at the discretion of the judge. In other words, the law dictates a maximum sentence, but the judge determines how long it will be applied.

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