“Which president of the ANFP did you arrive with? Who did he go with? ”:“ Goku ”Rivarola attacks Jorge Sampaoli

This Tuesday Jorge Sampaoli, the first Copa América champion coach with Chile and winner of the South American Cup with the “U” in 2011, reappeared to talk about everything in The Tenors of radio dna. There, of course, he referred, among other topics, to his boisterous departure from the national team.

“The way I left is because I didn’t feel valued, like a lot of players who were the architects of something incredible,” he said in relation to his resignation from La Roja.

His words, by the way, were not entirely well received and were the subject of debate both on social networks and in the different dedicated programs. In one of them, ESPN F90was his former pupil, the Argentine Diego Rivarola, who replied:

“I don’t know what you mean, valued in silver or in love? I feel like his statement goes both ways. He passed him in the U and in the national team, the more he earned, the more they gave him from all sides. Until at one point there was a break “, shot” Goku “.

And then he touched the Casildense’s ear: “With which president of the ANFP did Sampaoli arrive? Who did he go with? There is a theme there. It was one thing to make agreements with Jadue and another to make agreements with Salah. We all know the differences, that’s clear, right?

Later, on the words that Sampaoli dedicated to the delicate sporting and institutional moment that the University of Chile is going through, the blue idol maintained that “he sees what many of us see… He said that he did not watch games, but it is clear how the U is standing and it is a diagnosis that we all see, in some way. He was also with the corporation. He doesn’t say anything that crazy.”

“He must also speak from what he hears, sees and reads, being there I don’t think he has much information. I don’t know how much knowledge he has of the people he’s leading. What the U is experiencing today is an unavoidable reality,” she added immediately.

And finally, Rivarola once again outlined a certain criticism of the management of El Sabio de Casilda: “The first team he put together in 2011 was not put together by him, it was from Pelusso and several of the leaders who were there did it.”

“Eduardo Vargas was there, Charles Aránguiz, Matías Rodríguez, me. He did some tweaking, but it was a mix that absolutely worked. In 2012 he put his hand more and the U of 2011 was more successful ″, he concluded.

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