Which phones will be left without the application in October 2022 — Radio Concierto Chile

WhatsApp it continues to be updated, and in order to provide its best features, it requires computers to have the most recent versions of the operating system.

Thus, the company is ending support for one of the older versions of iOS for iPhone.

WhatsApp will stop working on these iPhones in October

According to WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp will stop working on iPhone with the systems iOS 10 Y iOS 11 on October 24.

“Update to the latest version of iOS to continue using WhatsApp. The app will no longer support this version of iOS after October 24, 2022”, it reads.

With this measure, these iPhone will no longer be compatible with the service: iPhone 5 Y Iphone 5c.

The Iphone 5s, Iphone 6 and the iPhone 6S yes they can upgrade to iOS 12, so they can continue to work with the app. To do this, you’ll need to go to Settings > General and then Software Update.


Why will it stop working?

According to the blog post, “Devices and software change frequently, so WhatsApp periodically review which operating systems we support and make updates.

“To choose what to stop supporting, every year, like other technology companies, we look at which devices and software are the oldest and have the fewest people still using them. These devices may not have the latest security updates or that lack the necessary functionality to run WhatsApp”, points out the company.

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