Which one is the best for you?

Choosing a computer is not a matter of a couple of minutes, it requires an exhaustive analysis of its characteristics to be as sure as possible of your decision. In this way, in this post you will know the main characteristics of the notebook and all in one computers so that you have more information about the benefits that each of these pieces of equipment can bring you.

Notebook vs All in One Computer: discover which equipment best suits your needs

Computers are almost essential today, since there are multiple activities that they allow you to carry out (make reports, store documents and information, watch movies and series, write texts, among many others). In fact, it is estimated that more than 4 million homes in Chile have this kind of equipment.

In this context, understanding the importance of these computers, you need to define the type of computer that best suits your interests and needs. For this reason, to help you in your decision, the most relevant characteristics and advantages offered by notebooks and all-in-one computers are detailed below.


These teams are characterized by being portable, allowing easy transportation, for example, to the university or workplace, since they are light and small in size (generally between 15 to 18 inches). Likewise, they stand out for providing optimal performance, which is why they represent a great alternative for any type of user.

Among the main advantages of a notebook, the following aspects can be mentioned:

  • Size: You can use this equipment without problems on desks, tables or even on your bed, since it takes up little space.
  • Battery Independence: These teams can work for a long time independently, without the need to connect to a power source.
  • Performance: A notebook delivers performance as good as a desktop computer, making it ideal for the development of different activities related to work and leisure.
  • Portability: This is probably its biggest advantage over other types of equipment, since you can take it anywhere, you can even use it while traveling by bus or car.

all in one computer

These copies represent a compact version of traditional desktop computers, a product of the fact that they exclusively integrate a large part of the classic elements of a computer equipment, such as processors, memory, disks and inputs for external connections, in a single case. Hence its name.

In particular, the advantages of an all in one computer appear mainly when comparing this equipment with a desktop computer, among which the following stand out:

  • Retrench of space: By integrating all the elements in a single piece, it is easier to place in a corner of your home. Similarly, it uses fewer cables, so it provides greater comfort and order.
  • Lower power consumption: Its scarce wiring facilitates greater energy savings, since it implies less use of domestic plugs, something that your pocket will surely appreciate.
  • Easy installation: The few pieces of this model make it very easy to install, because everything is reduced to simply connecting the mouse and keyboard.
  • Esthetic: Its minimalist style provides a more pleasant, clean and orderly vision compared to a desktop computer, since, for example, the dust or dirt that usually appears in the tower of a traditional desktop computer does not accumulate.

These are the main characteristics and advantages of the notebook and all in one computers so you can define which of these alternatives best suits your needs.

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