“Whether it was an exaggeration or not, I did not stop telling the truth”: Bolsonaro again targets Boric despite a note of protest from Chile

This Tuesday, the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, insisted on the accusations against his Chilean counterpart, Gabriel Boric of having participated in the burning of the Santiago Metro recorded during the social outbreak of October 2019.

“Whether it was an exaggeration or not, I did not stop telling the truth,” Bolsonaro noted.

Last Sunday, in the framework of the first presidential debate between the current Brazilian president – who is betting on his re-election – and the presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Bolsonaro pointed out that “Lula supported the President of Chile, who practiced acts of setting fire to the Metro.”

After his words, during the week the Chilean government responded by summoning the Brazilian ambassador after considering that these types of statements are “unacceptable” and ask Bolsonaro not to refer to Chile for electoral purposes, regardless of the political differences with Boric.

“As a government, it seems to us that these statements are very serious, obviously they are absolutely false (…) we regret that in a electoral context bilateral relations are taken advantage of and polarized through disinformation and false news”, Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola emphasized.

Thus, from La Moneda they condemned his sayings and announced the presentation of a note of protest.

Far from retracting, the Brazilian president -in an act in Brasilia- added that “it is his problem, but the citizen there (Gabriel Boric) has the support of someone here in Brazil”alluding to his main rival in the October elections.

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