“Where is the self-criticism of our sector?”: the powerful reflection of Mariana Loyola after the defeat of the Approval

On this Monday, Mariana Loyola lamented the defeat of the Approval and shared a powerful reflection on what happened in the exit Plebiscite this Sunday.

The actress was one of the television faces that openly supported the Approval option, so she used her social networks to send a message to her followers.

“I have been chewing on defeat. To the people who appreciate my dedication and commitment, thank you very much. I would do it again and again, “Mariana’s text began.

Along the same lines, he added that “today I choose to stay with the delivery of the villagers with whom I did each door to door, the delivery of the teams in the Approvals, the delivery of so many people that ‘you don’t see’ and that I say it for this campaign.

“I feel like we lost something, yeah. I am hurt, yes, or more than hurt, stunned, lost, “added Loyola.

He also revealed that “people write to me and ask me for comfort and answers… and I don’t have them. There is so much sorrow, misunderstanding, disappointment, despair, concern.”

The rage is repeated and that ‘we are a country without memory, sold, fearful’. For these days I will stay with the beautiful, with our overflowing creativity, he added.

“What did we miss?”

The actress also clarified that “I was left with the feeling of not understanding the place where I live, with whom I live. Did they really read the proposal or did the lie and fear that bombard us daily win, without shame or punishment?

“Where is the self-criticism of our sector? What did we miss? Are we naive and progressive?” Mariana questioned.

At the same time, the actress assured that despite everything “of course we will continue” and that “we will get up again because I am convinced that we are on the right side of history.”

We go slowly because we go far. We continue forward because backwards does not spread. Long live democracy!” she added.

Finally, the actress closed her reflection stating that “I sincerely hope that those who won are capable of carrying out the ‘reject to reform'”.

Check the words of Mariana Loyola below:

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