“What’s new?:” Raquel Argandoña did not hold back and attacked Eduardo Fuentes’ new program on TVN

True to her style, Raquel Argandoña launched an acid opinion about Eduardo Fuentes’s new program on TVN, Good night everyone.

The program debuted last Monday and generated various comments among viewers, who lived among those who raised their finger and others who did not convince them.

In fact, in this last lot is Quintrala, who did not mince words to criticize the conversation space of the “everyone’s channel”.

“What’s new? That the channel was changed, nothing more”, he said about the journalist, who emigrated from La Red to the “everyone’s channel”. In addition, he compared the program with De tú a tú, on Channel 13.

The acid opinion of the Raca

“I, between this program and that of Martín Cárcamo, I like Martín’s much more”, the panelist downloaded in the middle of her intervention in the Star Zone.

“It’s a personal interview, it goes through the house, different scenarios, it’s much more striking (…) TVN’s is an interview like the ones Eduardo Fuentes always did,” he reviewed it.

Along the same lines, Manu González had a similar opinion. “Being who they are, he expected more. I hoped to be an accomplice in a conversation that would make me part, but I was just a spectator, “said the Spanish journalist.

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