“What the program wants is to destroy you as an image”: Sergio Rojas revealed a shocking theory after the departure of Nacho Román from El Discípulo del Chef

The program El Discípulo del Chef has been full of controversies this season, the last one was the resignation of Ignacio “Nacho” Román, who decided to leave the project.

This happened when the three teams had to do a test on the typical food of southern Chile, where Ennio Carota did not manage to win.

After this, Román decided to resign from the competition due to the negative comments he has received on social networks.

The revelation of Sergio Rojas

In this context, Sergio Rojas revealed details of the departure of the now former participant of El Discípulo del Chef.

According to the journalist specializing in entertainment, Nacho Román had been hired to destroy his image, because the program is sponsored by a supermarket that is a direct competitor of the company for which Román works, doing commercials with Jorge Zabaleta and Pancho Saavedra.

“Therefore Ignacio was always hired to be destroyed (…) and transform him into the worst chef in Chile (…) like when they hired Margot Khal (from Channel 13) to freeze her and take her off TVN,” he commented.

“Ignacio, what the program wants is to destroy you as an image and bury you as the face of this supermarket chain,” he added.

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