“What the hell… is wrong with you?”: they reveal details about how the friendship between Pamela Díaz and Ale Valle ended

Pamela Díaz and Alejandra Valle were very close friends at the time, but it all ended when they worked together on the program Open secretaccording to what the journalist Sergio Rojas revealed.

Like every Sunday night, the communicator together with Paula Escobar broadcast a new chapter of I tell you where they delivered some chips on the Chilean show business.

It was then that, while they were talking about Pamela, the journalist recalled her time as a cheerleader for the program on Mega. “There she quarreled with Alejandra Valle,” Rojas assured.

Likewise, Rojas recalled at that time, Pamela went to the reality show Would you get back with your ex? leaving the animation in charge of the journalist.

“In fact, Pamela had made the entire bridge so that they would stop cheering on Ale Valle. More on top of her, Pamela had helped her negotiate the lucas and the whole story, that is, super cool and a super good friend, “explained the journalist.

Along the same lines, he added that “Pamela locks herself up and Ale Valle takes on the role of animator (…) then Pamela returns to the program and she had to resume animation, and the truth is that Pamela was not even there to fight for animation , this according to what she tells me”.

“Who’s the cheerleader?”

However, when Pamela returned, “she began to notice that Ale Valle was strange.” The journalist explained that the Fiera was instructed to present a note, but “the Ale got into it”, assuring that it was “the same thing all the time”.

“When they go to commercials, Pamela says ‘weo… can you tell me what the hell… is wrong with you? Because you stepped on me, you didn’t let me give the passes, you climbed on top of me, like weo… what’s wrong with you?’”, assured the journalist.

After this, the journalist would have been angry at Pamela’s words. “There Ale Valle said ‘no, I can’t work with Pamela anymore. Who is the cheerleader, her or me?” Rojas said.

“I think the director came down and said ‘Alejandra, the cheerleader is Pamela Díaz’. There they fought to the death and that friendship was broken forever, “concluded the journalist.

Check out the full program below:

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