“What the fuck… do they believe?”: Claudio Narea’s furious release after controversial sayings by Chahuán on TV

The singer Claudio Narea reacted with annoyance to the controversial statements of the senator and president of Renovación Nacional (RN), Francisco Chahuán.

Asked about Chile’s decision Let’s not attend the meeting that would take place this Thursday with other political parties to continue in the search for agreements related to the constituent process, the RN helmsman stated that they can tell the government what to do because they are ” minority”.

“We are not going to let ourselves be guided by a government that constantly improvises,” said the parliamentarian in 24 hours.

In addition, he announced that “we are going to make a formal presentation of our proposal during this week, before Thursday.”

Then, he asked himself: “Why can we tell the government what to do? Because the government is a minority, it is a minority in the Senate and it is a minority in the Chamber of Deputies and, therefore, the government has two alternatives: entrench itself or find agreements to solve the social problems that affect citizens.”

Chahuán’s statements add to what was stated by the UDI helmsman, Javier Macaya, who stated that “a new and good Constitution requires dialogue and the necessary time, with respect, without disqualification or pressure. Today, the Government must put all its energy into resolving the country’s emergencies and comply with the decision to delegate the constitutional task to Congress.”

Narea Reactions

Aware of these sayings, the former member of Los Prisioneros reacted furiously.

“These @chahuan @javiermacaya what the hell do they think they are? You have to lower their smoke. They said ‘rejection is transversal’… They’re going to get the big one for pigs and liars. The current constitution is unfair and the result of fraud. We need a new democratic Constitution NOW,” she shot back.

In addition, in response to Macaya’s tweet, he wrote: “I liked how they told you: they believe they are the owners of the victory. Rogues”.

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