What happened to the broken shoe, the private dinner with Pedro Pascal and the dialogue with Obama: what was not seen of the President’s tour at the UN

It was on Tuesday, the day of his debut before the United Nations General Assembly, that President Gabriel Boric He had a mishap with one of his shoes.

At the headquarters of the multilateral organization stationed in the middle of the Manhattan neighborhood, when they ran into the edge of a stair step, they explained from their teams, one of the soles of their shoes came off, which went viral on different social networks.

At that point, he had already delivered his speech before the plenary session and was on his way to meet with the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The record of the appointment reflected the surprise of the German when noticing the broken shoe of the President.

By now his teams hadn’t noticed the mishap and neither had he. Otherwise, they explain, they could have gone out to buy shoes to replace it, but that did not happen. Only after learning about the videos on social networks, did they notice the detail that was repeated in the appointment, that same day, with the Secretary General, Antonio Guterres.

The President had transmitted prior to the trip to New York that, after the military parade in which he participated the same day of his takeoff – where he had to stand for several hours – that he would prefer more comfortable shoes, as he has done in other opportunities. However, he did not expect that they could be broken.

Regarding the controversy caused by the event in Chile -some critics questioned that it does not take care of the protocols in high-level multilateral instances-, the Head of State would have played down the mishap.

Despite this, after their meetings at the United Nations and before going to the reception at the residence of the ambassador to the organization, Paula NarvaezBoric stopped by the Westin Hotel, where he stayed for the whole week, to change.

The Chilean actor Peter Pascal was one of the guests of honor at the commemoration ceremony held on Wednesday at the Cervantes Institute for the 50th anniversary of Salvador Allende’s last speech to the United Nations.

His arrival coincided with that of President Pedro Castillo (Peru), so his presence was somewhat overshadowed at the beginning. However, after recognizing him, several Chileans who were in the place began to surround him and ask him selfie.

The same thing Boric did later when they met at the activity. And after participating in a reception offered by his peer from the United StatesJoe Bidenthe President had dinner with Pascal and his partner and socio-cultural coordinator of La Moneda, Irina Karamanos.

According to delegation sources, the three shared in a restaurant near the president’s hotel and exchanged personal and political experiences.

That was the day in which the Head of State had more freedom to go out at night. During his visit, as is traditional in the United States, the President has been escorted by the Secret Service of that country for security reasons, which does not allow him to move too freely and have moments alone as he likes.

Despite this, he also had time to go out to eat Chinese food in a space that he had free during his bilateral sessions, while on Thursday night he ate with his teams, an instance in which he thanked them for their efforts throughout the trip.

DurBefore the afternoon, Boric coincided in an activity in Brooklyn with former United States President Barack Obama. Those who knew the tenor of the conversation assure that President Boric raised his critical gaze regarding the way in which the North American country relates to Latin America, something that he had already transmitted to Biden during his visit to the Summit of the Americas in last June.

Thus, the President endorsed the need for the region to be treated as equals by the more developed countries. “If Western democracies are not concerned about establishing these ties, relations with others will inevitably be strengthened,” warned the Head of State to Obama, with whom he has stayed in contact.

The former leader of the White House, in any case, acknowledged that after the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine there has been a change in priorities in the United States and a broad polarization of its society.

Obama, in addition, upon learning of Boric’s Magellanic origin, told him about the documentary he made on national parks, where the Torres del Paine of Chilean Patagonia appear.

Already finishing his visit to New York, and after issuing a press release in which he described his tour as “successful” and highlighted the message of economic certainty that was given to the different investors, the President planned to go out to eat with Karamanos and tour some bookstores in the North American city.

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