What does 24-bit audio mean? Discover the power of the new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro – Samsung Newsroom Peru

The new ones Galaxy Buds2 Pro they were developed with the purpose of offering a high-quality sound experience, without the external environment interfering with what you want to focus on, twice as nuanced sound as 16-bit headphones.

In an audio recording with 16-bit sound quality, it is possible to hear background noise, such as something light falling on the studio floor, while a song is being recorded. However, when we talk about 24-bit sound quality, we can hear in detail the breathing of the musician who is playing the instrument.

The experience of listening to music in 24 bits is truly immersive and can lead you to rediscover songs that you already knew, but with much more detail! In addition, with a perfect fit in the ears, the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) function of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro It is perfect to feel immersed in music, providing a high dynamic range of sound and transforming them into the most powerful wireless headphones.

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro also support Auto Switch, a feature that allows for a smoother sound transition when you’re in the middle of a song and have to answer a phone call.

With a matte finish, their premium design offers comfort and security thanks to their silicone tips and the fit designed to prevent rotation, making them the ideal companion for all hours.

The new ones Galaxy Buds2 Pro They are available in black, white and purple. click here for more information.


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