What color is the Sun really? An astronaut gives the answer and it is not the one you expect

The Sun is in everyone’s head yellow, TRUE? Well, it turns out that something that we could consider as a universal truth actually has another answer. The debate on Twitter has started with the publication of a tweet, by the Latest in space account, in which it is ensured that, contrary to what we all think, the sun is not yellow.

The correct answer is that the sun is white, and as the same tweet clarifies, the yellowish hue is given by the Earth’s atmosphere. In case anyone doubted the veracity of this information, astronaut Scott Kelly, a retired astronaut who has more than 5 million followers on Twitter.

Scott affirms that without any doubt he can confirm this fact, after having seen the Sun from outside the Earth, specifically from the International Space Station, where he was in 2015 on a one-year mission. His mission was to determine the biological, physical, and psychological impact of long-duration space missions on humans.

Why is the Sun white and not yellow?

Although from Earth we perceive the Sun as yellow, the collection of gases, such as helium, hydrogen and other elements that it is made of is so hot that it emits white light. However, the appearance of their rays is distorted as they pass through the Earth’s atmosphere and they are perceived here as yellow.

In addition, when images of the king star are shown, they are usually ‘colored’ in yellow and orange tones, which undoubtedly encourages us to continue thinking that it is yellow. However, the next time you are asked what color the Sun is, do you still have to think a little more about the answer?

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