“We will talk about nonsense, the idea is to have a good time”: Angélica Sepúlveda revealed that she will participate in a special TV program

The former reality girl, Angélica Sepúlveda surprised after sharing a reflection and revealing that she will participate in a TV program in the coming days.

Through her Instagram account, the “Fierecilla de Yungay” thanked her followers for their support, revealing that she has been contacted by several programs, explaining the reasons that have led her to reject projects.

“Hello Ange… Angélica we are calling you from… Ange we want to invite you to… Angélica we are from the program… Ange we have a new program, we would like to have your presence… During June and July I received many invitations to TV shows, I’m not lying to you that I was about to stay in Santiago, but I decided to return to Yungay and work full time with my parents and sister on some projects,” he said.

“I thanked all the calls and with some I agreed that during national holidays I could schedule to go to their programs, because I would have less work. That’s right, as next week I will be at the CHV Late talking, as always, without shame, without taboos, about my life and what you are interested in knowing, “he confessed, revealing that he will return to television on a special occasion.

“So Carmela will leave the chupalla, the knitwear, the sewing machine, the chickens and the garden for a few days to go sunbathe in the capital and laugh, they give it during adult hours so we will talk pure nonsense, the idea is have a good time ”, he stated without giving details of what show it would be, however due to his tracks it could be Pero con Respect with JC Rodríguez, surprising his followers.

Check out the message below:

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