‘We will take the proposal to the Council of Presidents’

Pablo Milad, president of the ANFP, spoke this Thursday with The Tenors of DNA and announced that there could be changes in the under 21 rule that is required of clubs.

The boss of Chilean football assured to be willing to lower the age of this regulation, from 21 to 20 years, to better nurture the work at La Roja Sub 20.

“We are analyzing this rule deeply. It is not only necessary to keep what is seen, but also what is not seen, in addition to a longitudinal process since the beginning of the rule until now, see which have been the boys who left the country and those who had no future, who remained in the pipeline, without international projection”, he pointed.

The helmsman of the national football announced that “before starting the next championship and before approving the bases, we will have this study finished, we will reach a conclusion and we will take a board proposal to the Council of Presidents”.