“We were quite friends”: Raquel Argandoña told why she left José Antonio Neme

In star zone (Latin Zone) were encouraged to put themselves in a hypothetical case, and they asked Raquel Argandoña with which other celebrity she would be encouraged to enter a reality show.

It was there when the name of José Antonio Neme came up, who these days is in London covering the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Faced with that proposal, she replied: “You know that when Neme was on TVN, I was the one who prompted him to switch to Mega,” he said. “So we were friends, I’m not telling you about traveling together, but we were quite friends.”

He even added, “I introduced him to my group of friends and everything,” according to Tiempo X.

Immediately afterwards, on the reason for the distancing, he simply slipped: “Later the Neme changed as ‘Chile changed'”. On whether they have had the opportunity to talk about it, she assured “I have told him.”

Weeks ago, the panelist herself recalled an anecdote of a time when they went to eat as a group during a Viña Festival, a story that started like this: “Once we were all in Viña, and we were friends, well known, and we went to eat. ..”.

In May, in the We can talk (CHV), they asked him about a celebrity who liked to fight and he mentioned Neme, and then went back to when they were both on the public channel.

“When he was on National Television and no one inflated him, he earned very little, I was the first one who told him to change to the Mega.” she recounted her. “And Neme, at one point, like she didn’t have any friends and I introduced her to my group, with whom we saw each other quite often; but Neme is very tight, he never even invited us to have a glass of water at his house”.

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