“We have already crossed borders”: Neme surprised Rodrigo Sepúlveda with a special gesture after his visit to Buckingham Palace

This Saturday morning, in Meganews Alert They contacted José Antonio Neme who is in London to talk about what is happening in England after the death of Elizabeth II.

While they were talking in the study about the proclamation of King Carlos III, when they were interrupted by Neme who made a special revelation.

“I want to talk to Rodrigo Sepúlveda, please,” Neme asked.

After thanking his colleague for the images they have captured in London, the journalist pointed out that “I must tell Rodrigo Sepúlveda because I really want this to be filed in the channel’s documentation.”


“Last night at 3 in the morning I left a little card in the name of the whole team at Buckingham Palace and signed it ‘I give it to you,'” Neme confessed, making Sepu laugh at his revelation.

Along the same lines, he added that “so the ‘I give it to you’ has reached the gate of Buckingham Palace, then I am responsible for the internationalization of ‘I give it to you’”.

For his part, in the studio they were laughing at Neme’s words, while Sepu applauded for his colleague’s special gesture.

“What tenderness, it happened, you have already crossed borders, very generous,” Rodrigo commented on his phrase.

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