“We have a problem…”: the particular fail that dislocated Sole Onetto and Karla Constant in Mucho Gusto

A particular situation occurred this Wednesday morning at Mucho Gusto, where a cameraman starred in a mega fail in the middle of the office.

It all came about when the journalist Antonia Kohler went out to the street to talk with passers-by about whether or not they would receive a bonus for these National Holidays, and also to find out about some snacks for the September festivities.

And in this context, the note entered a gallery located in the Ñuñoa district. At that moment, a particular noise surprised Karla Constant in her study.

“Has anyone passed out? What happened?” the cheerleader asked of her on air.

“Guys, we have a problem, excuse me”, revealed the communicator on the ground, who rushed against the details of what was happening.

What happened?

“Let’s make the situation transparent, Alex -the cameraman- turn around, look, this is what happened, it’s that he didn’t look back and the girls fainted,” he joked while two mannequins appeared on the camera lying on the ground.

For the same reason, Antonio offered forgiveness to the owners of the premises while picking up the dolls from the floor.

Then, the reporter apologized for what happened while trying to collect part of the dolls. “Don’t apologize, pay the monkey, no more,” Constant trolled them from the Mega set, where he was with Soledad Onetto, who also had a surprised face.

“No, if we’re going to put them together (…) we’ll go back to order them, we’ll go see the suits and we’ll come back,” added Kohler before continuing with the dispatch.

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