“We are going to beat Colo Colo in the Monumental…”: “Wizard” Valdivia assures that he will lead the “U” and break the curse

Between joke and joke…

Jorge Valdivia risked everything in the latest edition of The Tenors of radio dna. There, while the panel discussed the complex scenario that the University of Chile is going through in the final stretch of the championship, and at the same time they gave their opinion about the new internship of Sebastián Miranda, a particular situation arose.

Specifically, they talked about the trajectory that a coach must have to take on a club like “U”, and the few chances that national coaches have been given. It was mentioned, for example, when the “Coto” Sierra sounded in the blues, but it was finally ruled out because of his past in the archrival.

Then, as a joke, the “Wizard” burst in. The former creation midfielder, who is currently taking a course to become a coach, assured that when the time comes he will take charge of the destiny of the “Romantic Traveler”. He even mentioned another of the tenors as an assistant, Leonardo Burgueño.

It all started when the latter asked him: “With this being identified with a club… Valdivia, when we lead, are you going to lead the U?”

And the “Wizard” caught on with the idea: “Yes, I’m going to direct it, damn it, and I’m going to beat Colo Colo in the Monumental, after 150 years,” he replied with everything.

In fact, always in fictional football mode, he said that Darío Osorio, upon returning from his successful adventure in Europe, would be his franchise player: “He will be number 10, the captain of my team and I will tell him ‘if you go from the middle to the back, I take you out.’”

It is, of course, a joke by the ex-soccer player, who is very identified with the albos. But beware, the “Wizard” already had a chance to dress in blue. When the “U” was directed by Jorge Sampaoli, on more than one occasion the Sage of Casilda offered him to become the “10″ of the Lion.

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