“We are all Latino Gang”: J Balvin dedicated an emotional message to Polimá Westcoast after the premiere of his new single

Polimá Westcoast announced a few weeks ago that he was working with J Balvin on a new single.

The urban artist told how he felt working with the interpreter “Ay Vamos” in this musical project.

“For me, recording with J Balvin means that this world really is for dreamers. He has inspired. I am surprised by this project with one of the biggest in the music industry. It’s amazing how music has no limits and inspires generations. I hope you enjoy this song, because for me it has been an honor and a gift”, said Polimá Westcoast.

The song is called “Kawaii” and it premiered this Wednesday afternoon, it is for this reason that both artists dedicated exciting words after its release.

For his part, the Chilean stated that “Thank you little brother J Balvin for the opportunity. Faith moves mountains from Chile and Colombia to the world, baby, with great affection”, commented the interpreter of “This is not a love song”.

The Colombian, for his part, also sent an emotional message to the national artist. “Chile I love you. When I started in Colombia, they didn’t believe me for doing reggaeton in Medellin, but I always believed in myself, their movement will also be very successful. We are all Latino gang”, he sentenced.

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Post by J Balvin
Post by J Balvin

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