Very much in love: the unpublished photos of Piqué’s romantic dinner with Clara Chía in Paris

The relationship between Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí continues to make the international media talk. After the break with Shakira, the soccer player decided to continue with his life and no longer hides his romance with the 23-year-old student.

A few months ago, amid rumors of infidelity on the part of the Spaniard, the former couple announced their breakup after 12 years together. Since then, both Piqué and Shakira have been in the eye of the hurricane.

This week, some striking postcards of the soccer player with the young woman, enjoying a romantic dinner in Europe, went viral through social networks.

As stated Weekthe new and mediatic couple traveled to Paris for a Fifa date that the Spanish will play.

And as the photographs show, Piqué was very affectionate with Clara Chía in the restaurant, showing that they no longer hid their romance, despite the rumors that surround them.

Some time ago, the international media pointed out that the young woman would be tired of the constant comparisons with the Colombian artist.

It is worth mentioning that this Wednesday, Shakira broke the silence for the first time after the break with the Spaniard and talked about how these last few months have been for her and her children with Piqué, Sasha and Milan.

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