“Very bad”: Jorge Gajardo surprised La Divina Comida by revealing how much he was paid by Los Venegas

This Saturday a new chapter of The Divine Food which included the participation of Jorge Gajardo, Helia Molina, Matías Oviedo and Mónica Illanes.

When the remembered actor of The Venegas He had to open the doors of his house to receive the other guests, the iconic series was one of the topics of conversation.

It all started when Oviedo asked him how the series had started, to which Jorge replied that “we had done The Valverdes us before, in Giant Saturday”.

“El Pato Campos, a very good librettist, this man arrived with that libretto and they had looked like this when raising the couple and Mónica (Carrasco) also turned out like that. And Yoya Martínez was also an important element”, he added.

He also assured that “it seems that all this helped as a springboard for a slightly more open television.”

The actor also pointed out that the difference between The Valverdes Y The Venegaspointing out that the first was more similar to the humor that Don Francisco requested.

The Divine Food (CHV)
The Divine Food (CHV)

It was in this context that Mónica Illanes asked Gajardo a bone question. “How did they get paid there when they did The Venegas?” he asked.

“Very bad,” replied the actor bluntly.

Monica then pointed out that “you told me there were no labor laws, nothing.”

“There was not, only the last two years they imposed on us,” said Gajardo after 20 years of the program, which surprised his colleagues. “I don’t believe you,” said the former minister.

The dubbing actress then asked him if there was a lawsuit involved in what happened.

“We fought a lot but no, I don’t know I could. They changed the name of the company to you, but everything remained the same, the rest, the address, those who did it also changed their name”, explained Jorge Gajardo.

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