“Ungrateful”: Raquel Argandoña shot her guests in “The Divine Food”

The panelist of “Zona de Estrellas” was one of the protagonists of the episode of the Chilevisión program that was broadcast last Saturday. She there she shared with the journalist Patricio Sotomayor; singer Leo Rey and actress Geraldine Neary, known for her musical facet as Dindi Jane.

In this Monday’s broadcast of the Zona Latina entertainment program, Raquel Argandoña reviewed her participation in “La Divina Comida”, where she did not dedicate good words to her guests, calling them “ungrateful”.

As she explained, “later I got pissed off, I don’t know if they edited or not because I fell asleep, but they had never sat at a nicer table than mine,” she assured, pointing mainly to the notes that Sotomayor, Rey and Neary gave her.

“They still give you a 5 and, do you know why they do that to you? So that one does not win”, claimed Argandoña, indicating that “at first they are all charming, friendly. One swears that they are going to give you a 7, or a 6 at least! ”, She expressed.

Raquel Argandoña insisted that her guests “eat everything and then criticize everything they eat. In the note they were very tight, for what I dedicated my table, the preparation ”. Even so, it is worth noting that she was the big winner of the day with a total of 16 points.

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