Ukrainian video game developer holds a raffle where it will allow a user to write a message on a missile that will be launched against Russia

The conflict between Russia Y Ukraine still going on, since its inception last February 24, 2022it’s been 6 months and while the news media are covering this conflict less and less, Ukraine’s campaign to get aid has reached various pointsamong them the video game.

It is for this reason that a campaign carried out through kickstarterwhich was created by the Ukrainian video game developer Frogwareshas attracted attention and it is that for the financing campaign of his video game Sherlock Holmes: The Awakenedwhich seeks to collect 70 thousand euroshas launched a draw where the winner will be able to write a message on a missile that will be launched against Russia.

The draw was announced through the official Twitter from the developer, which we can see below and which will have a total of 3 winners:

It should be noted that so far the campaign met its objective and to date has raised 252,599 euroswhich have been contributed by a total of 4,876 sponsors and which ended on September 3.

Although the raffle generated controversyfor its part, the platform of kickstarter He stressed that although they do not allow campaigns that raise funds for charities, nor for projects that have to do with weapons. Being a raffle carried out through the social networks of the developer and not being part of the campaign itself, the platform highlighted that none of its policies and conditions have been violated.

Regarding the game, Sherlock Holmes The Awakenedaccording to the developer will be released during february 2023 and will come to PC platforms, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Next, we leave you with a trailer:

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