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Clix is ​​one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, currently with more than five million followers who maintain an average of 10 thousand viewers every time he turns on his live broadcast. Although his content is usually focused on Fortnite, since he is also a professional Battle Royale player, he does not deprive himself of also streaming other video games such as GTA V. However, he was recently punished by the platform for “sexual content” during a roleplay session of this video game.

Twitch streamer Clix banned for a week for ‘sexual content’ in GTA V

Despite accepting her situation and the punishment that Twitch imposed on her, Clix has not hesitated to criticize this decision since she compared her situation with the streamer who had live sex. He mentioned that she, too, was only grounded for seven days, even though what he was doing was not of that magnitude:

It’s crazy that I get a seven-day ban for same-sex “sexual conduct” while fully clothed in GTA RP, but a girl who streamed on Twitch while having sex in real life gets the same seven-day ban…

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While the world of roleplay within GTA V is meant to reflect some things that might happen in real life, this can lead to confronting Twitch’s stringent rules about what’s “sexually” allowed. However, this does not mean that Clix is ​​right since the punishments did not deserve to be equal.

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