Twitch Bans Some Gambling Content Following Mobilization Threats From Some Streamers

During the last few days, several Twitch content creators have threatened to mobilize so that Twitch does something against betting streams on the platform. Although at the moment they were only conversations, apparently these had their effect since from Twitch they referred to it by prohibiting much of this type of content.

Through a statement published on the platform’s Twitter account, they indicated that As of October 18, broadcasts from betting sites that are not licensed in the United States will be prohibited or other places that provide sufficient protection to consumers.

“We will make a policy update on October 18 to prohibit transmissions from gambling sites that include slots, roulette or dice games that are not licensed in the United States or in other jurisdictions that provide sufficient consumer protection”, they note, adding that “we will continue to allow websites that focus on sports betting, fantasy sports and poker.”

Finally, the statement points out that the details of the changes in the policy regarding betting games will be announced soon, “to make sure that everyone is clear about our new rules before they take effect on October 18.

It should be remembered that the renowned streamer Pokimane was one of those who pointed out that this type of stream should be banned, and celebrated the decision made by the platform.

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