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Twitch is again at the center of controversy. This time the events have occurred during the traditional tournaments and competitions between content creators known as Twitch Rivals. In these it is styled that through different games the streamers compete opting for points and different prizes.

Obviously the game fortnite It is one of the ones that manages to summon the most participants during these periodic Twitch events. Precisely in this event is where the controversy has been raised, all thanks to an unexpected exclusion.

It all started with the when streamer Adriana Chechik was banned from participating. The point is that this content creator had a past as a non-porn actress in adult cinema in the United States.

Twitch apparently rushed the ban decision

However, the streamer’s complaint, in addition to the reasons that Twitch argues to ban her; focuses on is that the notification reached him one hour in advance.

With reference to the reasons why the streamer was not part of the Twitch Rivals from fortnite without construction; we can tell you the following. It seems that Epic Games filed a claim due to her past as an actress nopor.

That at least is what they told the content creator in the first place. But, later from the official Fortnite Twitter account itself they apologized with Chechik; attributing that the claim was due to certain background objects that were seen in his streaming. This explanation has not completely convinced the frustrated participant or the audience; since the room does not seem to have racy things.

In the apology that came from Fornite and not from Twitch, the causes of the ban can be read, and here we air them for you to judge on the platform of n readers:

“We are very sorry that this has happened. The claim to Twitch Rivals was to contact you to remove adult references from your streaming background due to the age rating of our game…We have no problem with you participating in Fortnite events or broadcasts.”

The point is that from what was observed there was no major reasons to ban the streamer from participating. In the end, everything has a strange smell of discrimination due to the job that the banned streamer held in the past.

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