TortillaLand kicks Jabu out for 10 days

The administrators of TortillaLand 2 have made the decision to Ban Jabu from the servers for inappropriate behavior in one of his roles with Mayichi. auronplay He announced the punishment live, although all parties have spoken and the blood will not reach the river.

It all started when Jabu interacted with Mayichi in the series, with Carrera as the main witness. The creator made several macho remarks to the Andalusian The streamer She reacted as well as she could, but her face showed how uncomfortable she was with the situation.

I put it where you want“, Jabu began the “humor” recital. He could have stopped there and been forgotten, but he kept insisting with similar comments. “I wish I could fuck her” either “Have you ever hit some good balls?“, They continued to raise the grotesque level of the moment.

Jabu didn’t seem to be aware of the situation he was creating until he read his own chat. Mayichi’s followers they recriminated his words Some displaying an attitude at least as reprehensible as Jabu’s own. That was when went to apologize to Mayichi. He did it in the video game itself, in private and later on social networks.

Mayichi, in addition to reacting in the best way possible, did not want to make a snowball of what happened. Not even in his own chat, although we already know that the fandom flies freely. “I didn’t want to say anything because if I did, I felt it would be even more heavy“, He commented in a subsequent direct. “There are people who have accused me of not setting limits and I sincerely believe that I did the best I could […] I don’t want anything to happen to anyone“.

“Everyone is wrong and no one ever has to be crucified for that,” the Granada woman continued. “All those involved have spoken to me privately to apologize. I have nothing more to say and I am not spiteful.”

However, despite the fact that the parties had apologized and were going to continue as if nothing had happened, the TortillaLand administration, led by Auronplay, decided to take matters into their own hands and punish Jabu’s behavior. The streamer You will not be able to enter the server for at least 10 days.

“Jabu had rude and nasty comments with Mayichi,” Auron explains. “It’s a very uncomfortable clip to watch. They are jokes that can be made with friends, but to be Mayichi a person who does not know too much, he took too much confidence. she looks uncomfortable“.

“Although Mayichi doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, the administration spoke up and found the comments disgusting. TortillaLand is not a bar counter on a Saturday night. If I see a comment like that to a girl again, you automatically leave forever“.


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