“This was serious…”: Cristián de la Fuente shared his reaction after experiencing an earthquake in Mexico

The actor Cristián de la Fuente attracted attention after sharing on their social networks videos of the 7.6 earthquake that was recorded during this day in Mexico.

Through his stories, the Chilean actor who is in the Aztec country showed how an earthquake drill was carried out very early, where people prepared themselves and took to the streets to know what to do in the event of a strong tremor.

“At 12:19 the alarm sounded here in Mexico City because an earthquake drill is being done (…) you see that all the people take to the streets,” he said calmly, however hours after the drill a strong earthquake he felt in the country where he had to put into practice what he had rehearsed in the face of the earthquake.

“Well, do you remember that a while ago I told you that we did an earthquake drill, well, now the seismic alarm is sounding. Shit… he’s sounding serious and he’s shaking seriously. They are moving… sh…!”, he expressed while loud noises were heard from the telluric movement.

“This was serious, this was not a drill,” he added in another record while showing people waiting in the streets. “Well, it’s over. We are all fine and all the people who came out are there… hoping that there will not be another aftershock, but the incredible thing is that a drill was carried out an hour ago and now it was real, ”he added, remaining calm in the face of the earthquake.

Look the following video:

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