“This team does not even win in the Fourth Division…”: emblematic player of the “Ballet Azul” tore apart the current squad of the “U”

The delicate moment that Universidad de Chile is going through is a mystery to no one. As it happened in the previous three years, the Blues once again reach the final part of the tournament at the bottom of the table and fighting not to go to B.

In fact, the university leadership put the PLR ​​this week on Diego López and appointed Sebastián Miranda as interim to perform the miracle and save the category in the six “finals” that remain between now and the end of the championship.

However, not everyone is confident in what the Romantic Traveler can do in these remaining matches. One of them is Sergio Navarro, a historic player of the “blue ballet”, who made a lapidary analysis of the club of his love.

“Which player from La U can be in the National Team? This team doesn’t even win in the Fourth Division, if they have no idea of ​​scoring”, commented the former captain of the “U” in a chat with El Mercurio.

And along the same lines, he added: “The players score backwards! They go out to score when the rival already has the ball under control and they end up chasing them”.

“I suffer too much…”

For the same reason, the historic defender admitted that “I suffer too much, I am completely blue, blue blooded, I grew up in the club. The team can’t go forward and they play backwards so that the goalkeeper ends up kicking the ball far, how do they come up with it?

Finally, Navarro continued with his analysis and asked himself: “Who brought these players? Unmask the culprits. The pain is very great, poor University of Chile!

It should be noted that the University of Chile will have a new “life or death” meeting next Thursday, September 15, when they visit Palestino.

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