This is the guarantee for Samsung folding smartphones

The new ones foldable galaxies are rethinking what’s possible for smartphone users around the world with unique experiences and interactions.

Samsung created this new category by making the impossible a reality, through innovative new technologies and sophisticated, high-precision manufacturing processes. The key element of the Samsung foldables is the ultra-thin glass, Ultra Thin Glass, a patented material that can be folded hundreds of thousands of times while maintaining its durability and resistance.

With the rapid rise in popularity of foldables, Samsung is perfecting the production of Ultra Thin Glass to offer more foldable devices to users, and this new generation is proof of that.

Although Samsung guarantees the durability and resistance of its new folding models, it has incorporated extra guarantees so that all users of the new Galaxy Flip4 Y Galaxy Fold4 Rest assured of a satisfying experience.

Samsung Galaxy Fold4

Guarantees for folding smartphones

Find out here the 3 services and guarantees available in Chile for any user of the new fourth generation of Samsung folding smartphones.

Screen change discount

For the first time in Galaxy devices, if the user needs a screen change, Samsung will offer a service of up to 75% in the value of the screen repair in Flip4 and Fold4.

These services only apply to screen changes, not for the repair of other device components.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Change of mica in case of breakage

The protective lens of a smartphone is an important security element, and in the case of a folding smartphone, it is a very special lens. In the event that it breaks or is damaged due to use, Samsung offers a free replacement on the first occasion. This service will be available in all Samsung technical services in the country from the week of September 5.

premium service

The folding category is a premium range that requires equivalent services associated with the product. With this in mind, Samsung has implemented two special services: Door to door, a product pick-up service at the user’s home, initially available in the Metropolitan Region, and Loaning, where Samsung lends you an equivalent device while your foldable smartphone is in storage. technical service.

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