This is the association of Motorola and Pantone

Motorola has been driving innovation in technology and mobile for nearly a century. They have seen the ways in which their smartphones can serve as a medium for the expression, representation, union and transformation of who they are and what they see around them, now through collaboration with Pantone.

They also know that colors are incredibly powerful and can stimulate emotions, drive action, and even play a role in purchasing decisions. Color can set the tone for moments big and small, and like smartphones, they can help tell stories and connect with the world around us.

It was with this in mind that Motorola turned to the global authority on color to partner and stay ahead of trends and design. In doing so, they announced the multi-year strategic partnership between Motorola and Pantoneworld authority on color and expert in color analysis and production.

Leverage color as a messenger with Pantone


For more than 55 years, Pantone has been the world leader in color consistency and accuracy for brands and designers around the world. He has mastered the field of color, innovating graphics, fashion, and product design, helping designers bring their visions to life from inspiration to realization. In addition, Pantone provides consulting services, forecasts, global color trends and advice to companies on color in brand identity and product development through the Pantone Color Institute™. The design world anticipates Pantone’s annual color trends and intelligence predictions, and more than 10 million designers and producers trust Pantone to help inform color criticism and design decisions and predict consumer behavior.

Critical to the Motorola brand is determining the right design elements and features to best meet the needs of its customers. Global category exclusivity with Pantone is the next step in its commitment to empowering self-expression, elevating its relationship with color and providing key insights into macro design trends, including their influence on the application of materials and surface finishes throughout. design.

“We are delighted to be a strategic partner of a brand as iconic and influential as Pantone”, said Ruben Castaño, executive director of consumer experience at Motorola. “By combining our consumer-focused technology leadership and innovation with Pantone’s expertise in color trends, predictions and market research, we will offer our customers another valuable method to express themselves through our devices.”

During the long-term partnership, Motorola will receive access to Pantone’s trend insights, industry experts Pantone Color Institute and a subset of curated colors that will feature strong design trends, including the Pantone Color of the Year.

“Motorola exists to design, create and deliver purposeful innovations to people around the world and has a strong track record in developing intuitive products,” said Elley Cheng, vice president and general manager of Pantone. “At Pantone, we share these values ​​and are excited to work with Motorola to highlight the importance and power of design precision, innovation and self-expression in color and technology.”

Designers from both companies will work closely with the Pantone Color Institute™ as they continue to build on this partnership and incorporate color psychology and strategy into the upcoming product portfolio.

Pantone and Motorola: Fusion of the power of color with technology

This partnership will begin with the launch of the motorola edge 30 neowhich features four Pantone Colors: Ice Palace, Aqua Foam, Black Onyx, and the Pantone Color of the Year for 2022, Very Peri.

The colors selected for the motorola edge 30 neo are the result of the first collaboration between the Pantone Color Institute and Motorola teams to create shades based on trends and fundamentals that align with the brand and strategy for this device:

  • Ice Palace it is a shadow that stirs our creativity to imagine new futures in fantasy or a journey to the larger galaxy. It mimics the reflective brilliance of stars and conveys luxury and longevity.
  • Aquafoam it is an organic color for everyone that is rooted in nature and calms the spirit. It is neither masculine nor feminine. By contrast, Aqua Foam’s technical appearance is hyper-modern and its dreamy tone speaks of a future filled with light.
  • Black Onyx It represents protection and security, power and confidence, and is a deep black shade inspired by minerals. This color is practical yet glamorous and speaks to the experience. Its graceful presence is considered the embodiment of sophistication.
  • Very Peri it’s a color with carefree confidence and novel presence that inspires dreamers and empowers creators. It is complex, but it has great appeal. It is a color tone that dissolves lines and forges links between generations, genders and cultures in a new decentralized world.

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