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The processor with neural networks that scales images even in games, automatic adaptive screen for day and night, Pantone color and eye safety certifications, are part of the amazing features of the most powerful Samsung TV available on the market.

Samsung’s recently launched 2022 version Neo QLED 8K globally is an upgraded version of its legendary QLED, boosted with a wide range of innovative features.

At the heart of this advancement is Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, which takes advantage of enhanced 14-bit grading for greater control of the miniature light source: Quantum Mini LEDs. This allows the TV to control its lighting through a staggering 16,384 steps, which is four times more than conventional 12-bit displays with 4,096 steps, delivering true-to-life colors never seen before.

Shape Adaptive Light and Real Depth Enhancer add depth for vivid, realistic images

New Shape Adaptive Light and Real Depth Enhancer features optimize contrast and produce clean, punchy images, adding a more realistic sense of depth to the screen.

Real Depth Enhancer improves image quality by separating an object from a background. “Each image has an object and a background, with different requirements for optimal image quality. Real Depth Enhancer enhances the image by separating the object from the background to improve the contrast of the object, making it look clear. By doing so, we can clearly distinguish the object from the background, creating a greater sense of depth and making images stand out.

Shape Adaptive Light analyzes a scene and estimates the difference in light layer for each section of the scene to control the light source. Thus, it creates the synergy effect with Quantum Mini LED, to precisely control and optimize the light source for precise contrast. Simply put, it makes bright areas stay bright and dark space around them stay dark. In addition, this technology enables optimal contrast levels and enables detail in the darkest blacks, producing lifelike image quality.

Neural Quantum Processor enables custom AI enhancement for any scene

Samsung has been a pioneer in bringing the 8K experience into the home. While not all shows and movies are made in 8K, the real value of 8K TVs comes from Samsung’s Artificial Intelligence upscaling technology, which analyzes the picture in real time and upgrades to higher picture quality or even 8K. , independent of the original image quality.

Neo QLED 8K raised the number of neural networks from 16 to 20 to strengthen image analysis and magnification capabilities. The multi-intelligent artificial intelligence networks of the Neural Quantum Processor enhance the images so that the contents are seen in 8K quality.

According to Samsung engineers, Samsung’s multi-intelligence AI network is set to continually expand, providing optimal picture quality technology adaptive to the latest content trends.

The world’s first HDR displays with ‘Pantone Validated’ approval

Color is an important factor in evaluating the picture quality of a television. Samsung has achieved 100% color volume since 2017 and displays accurate and vivid colors.

Samsung’s new 2022 QLED models, including the Neo QLED 8K, became the world’s first ‘Pantone Validated’ HDR displays. Pantone specializes in color and provides a global color standard, PMS (Pantone Matching System). Certification means that Samsung’s ability to accurately express colors is officially recognized. Neo QLED 8K, in particular, was recognized for its precise expression of 2,161 Pantone colors and 110 skin tones.

Pantone Validated certification suggests that Neo QLED 8K’s color expression is nearly on par with the colors we can detect with our eyes. The technological advances of the Neo Quantum processor, together with the Quantum Dot material, help TVs accurately express more than 2,000 Pantone-recognized colors and also 110 skin tones, the most complicated and delicate colors.

smart calibration

Another example of innovation in Samsung’s latest TV lineup is Smart Calibration. This resource allows the user of a Samsung Neo QLED to calibrate their screen simply by using their smartphone.

All users have to do is open the Smart Calibration feature within the SmartThings app and point their smartphone camera at the TV. The SmartThings app will then streamline the process to optimize image quality.

Users can choose between “Basic Mode” and “Professional Mode” depending on how finely they want to adjust the image quality. Basic mode offers a quick calibration in 15 seconds, while professional mode optimizes more image details and only takes 5-8 minutes to complete.

Image calibration typically requires expensive equipment such as a measuring instrument and pattern generator. Smart Calibration changes this. Professionals who work with color, like photographers, tend to calibrate their devices quite frequently, once every three to six months, they will enjoy this resource, and for the rest of the user it will be an excellent resource to calibrate their screens with Smart Calibration when buy the TV or when it is moved to a different location.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K, the first TV to receive the ‘Eye Care’ certificate

As the supply of content on streaming platforms increases, more and more people spend their free time watching this content on televisions. Therefore, a comfortable viewing experience is becoming an important factor influencing TV purchase decisions.

Samsung QLED TVs from 2021 and 2022, including Neo QLED 8K, have achieved ‘Eye Care’ certification from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), making them one of the first TVs to receive a specific certificate for eye care .

The VDE ‘Eye Care’ certification includes assessments of ‘Safe for the eyes’, ‘Gentle on the eyes’, level of flicker, uniformity and color fidelity. The ‘Safe for Eyes’ certification is assigned to products with emission levels of blue light, ultraviolet rays and infrared rays that fall into the ‘Exempt Group’ according to the emission limits classification established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC ).

The ‘Gentle on the Eyes’ certification demonstrates that a device’s amount of melatonin suppression meets the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) standard.

Additionally, Eye Comfort mode in Neo QLED 8K adjusts screen brightness and limits blue light for a more pleasant viewing experience, all thanks to the Neural Quantum Processor and its AI technology, which automatically adjusts screen brightness and temperature. screen color according to the viewing environment. After sunset, the user will see significantly warmer colors and reduced brightness, while during the day, the screen will be brighter and more vivid.

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