Thief returns stolen car: “Crime asks for forgiveness”

The woman ended up publicly thanking the criminals who wrote her an apology letter. “She made me happy to know that they sympathize with each other’s pain,” she recounted.

A woman He was the victim of his car being stolen and ended up thanking the thieves after they returned it to him.

The foregoing, after the antisocials realized that inside the vehicle, there was a chair for a disabled child.

The events occurred on Sunday in the town of Cariacica in Brazil. The protagonist of this story is Rosyneide Almeida, who recounted the particular way in which the stolen car was returned to him.

And it is that one of the thieves wrote a letter to apologize for the theft. “The crime asks for forgiveness. At the time of stress I couldn’t see the child’s problem. The car is being returned. Full tank!!!“” he wrote in the note.

Almeida’s son is 4 years old and has sequelae of encephalitis suffered almost a year old, so the special chair he uses to get around has a value close to $3,500.


As stated balloon 1 from Brazil, Rosyneide Almeida was keeping her car in the garage when two thieves arrived in a car and one approached the woman to steal her vehicle. Inside it were her children Cauã, four years old, and Isadora, ten, who were lowered to carry out the robbery.

After the assault, the family started a campaign on social networks to find the vehicle and the special chair.


In addition to receiving the vehicle back, the woman was grateful that after making her story public, she received a series of donations from anonymous people who were moved by her story. “They contacted me through the social networks of my son Cauã where we receive donations to help his recovery. A person proposed to me to donate the tracking service, which is being installed at the moment, “she commented.

Furthermore, the woman ended up thanking the thief who wrote him the letter to apologize. “I was frustrated with the human being at the time it happened, because we hear a lot about theft, crime, all the bad things that thieves do. You don’t think that, one day, I’m going to go through this. When I saw that they found the car and I read that note they left, hI was even glad to know that they sympathize with each other’s painRosyneide stated.

Despite the note ensuring that the tank was full, the vehicle was delivered with less fuel. “When they took him away, he had a room with a tank. We found it in the reserve. They did not leave it, on the contrary, they spent it”, recognized the woman in a joking tone.


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