“They will have to answer”: Dr. File’s furious warning after the government’s announcement on the use of masks

Cristián Contreras, better known as Doctor File, was one of the public figures who opposed the mandatory use of a mask throughout the pandemic.

“My conviction is that masks have to be optional outdoors,” said the doctor of philosophy, at the end of 2021.

In order to support his position, the journalist gave as an example the measures adopted in the United States and Europe. “Obviously, inside enclosures one can estimate it according to each person. The WHO itself points it out ”, he pointed out.

Now, once the announcement updating of sanitary measures by the Ministry of Healthwith which the mandatory use of protection devices and the Mobility Pass will end, the former face of La Red shared a furious discharge.

“The announcement is late. Now they will have to answer for the thousands of adverse events and deaths,” warned Dr. File.

He also specified that “justice will come to those responsible for this government and the past. Vaccine victims have human rights.”

To close your message, the communicator and united center leaderused a series of hashtags: #Plandemia and #DictaduraSanitaria, were some of his labels.


Unsurprisingly, Dr. File’s tweet generated a wave of reactions. While some of his followers agreed with him, others rightly criticized him. Such was the case of the journalist Nicolás Ward.

“Yapo, Christian friend. I still think that you are an extraordinary journalist and, in addition, I have the best memories of you as a student, but now you are like a ‘prophet’. Come back, darling. You go to crash constantly. Necessary? Hug”, wrote the communicator.

“Nicolás, your own government published in the Official Gazette the existence of adverse effects. They do not exist? Who is responsible? I appreciate you, but you fell for a macabre game, like Amaro. It is better to look for the truth”, Contreras defended himself, remembering his crossover live with Amaro Gómez-Pablos for the use of masks and vaccination.

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