They uncover a supposed “round” between Iván Cabrera and Mauricio Isla: a dancer tried to face him

One of those cahuín was the one that Sergio Rojas brought to light last Sunday in a new episode of Que te lo digo, which directly involves Iván Cabrera and Mauricio Isla.

According to the journalist, everything happened in the well-known Bar Alonso, a place located in Vitacura where famous people usually go to taxi.

According to his story, the dancer would have tried to stop the UC player’s cars due to the alleged threats that his friends would have made to him so that he would not leak Gala Caldirola’s intimate videos.

“The Cabreras told me, when they were hired for my mother’s birthday, that Cabrera had met Mauricio on one occasion, at Bar Alonso and Iván tried to confront him and stood up waiting for him,” revealed the avocado sandwich. .

Of course, the “Huaso” would have made him the tremendous bear and, according to Rojas, he fled “like a guarén from the ditch.”

“Iván expected Mauricio Isla to walk towards him and Mauricio Isla got scared, turned around and started running,” he said, reiterating that the initial conflict between the two occurred after the controversy over the prohibited records of the Spanish.

The reasons for the conflict

“If the videos were leaked, they were going to take out the contumelia, so be careful”, would have been the threat of Isla’s friends to the “Potro”.

“I think that Iván is also waiting to have a face to face with Mauricio, because what Iván told me, and he is absolutely right, is that compadre, I like things face to face, if someone wants to tell me things. ..let’s go one, but not this question that from behind, that I fight you, I’m going to send you to hit…If you want to tell me something, you have to say it to me face to face”, Rojas recounted.

Finally, he assured that the former El Discípulo del Chef “is a super frontal rooster, he says what he thinks and if he has to face Mauricio Isla…”, he would have no problem.

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