They reveal who would be the possible replacement for José Luis Repenning in Mega

During this Monday, a new Me Late program was broadcast, where the panel discussed different topics of our national show.

In this context, Luis Sandoval revealed in the space that the person who would take the place of José Luis Repenning in Mega would be a renowned TVN journalist.

“He is a man who has been on several channels and has done all kinds of programs. People believe him and he is very well evaluated within his activity. The closeness that he has with the public would bring him perfect results, ”said the journalist.

The TV+ panelist also pointed out that the station located in Vicuña Mackenna would be willing to do whatever was in its power to bring this face to the signal.

Who would be the replacement for José Luis Repenning?

After giving clues as to who would finally replace the former Mega journalist, Luis Sandoval confirmed that they would be in conversation with Iván Núñez.

“He was on TVN, Channel 13 and Chilevisión, and he has excelled in all of them. He just needs to try his luck in Mega, “said Sandoval.

The journalist also said that “the monetary offer is quite attractive to think about changing the channel, but they have to review the contractual issue.”

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